on a tablet, how do you manage to use crtl-delete? without the computer

I don’t. I draw with my left hand and keep my right hand on the keyboard just about the entire time for all the 5934959034 keyboard shortcuts I use. My tablet has buttons but I don’t like them and even if I did they’re on the left side and it would be awkward for a left handed person, I think. 

here’s a bunch of stuff

Are you going to be doing more artwork in the same artstyle as your last two drawings?

probably, i dunno. i dont think that far ahead. sure! ( i have one i haven’t posted loool)

clefable!!! ♡




Pokemon I should draw? ?

iggy koopa 2cute

lets GO by Gullacass

sketch of my oc ressy

sketch of my oc ressy




skelefuku's fursona ♡♡

skelefuku's fursona 

When did you start drawing and how did you get to the point where you are now? I'm quite curious, I enjoy and love your art :3

I’ve been drawing since I was really little, but in middle school I started trying to take it more seriously and yeah I just never stopped and that’s about it really. Going on art websites helped a lot. Thank you! <3 c: