When did you start drawing and how did you get to the point where you are now? I'm quite curious, I enjoy and love your art :3

I’ve been drawing since I was really little, but in middle school I started trying to take it more seriously and yeah I just never stopped and that’s about it really. Going on art websites helped a lot. Thank you! <3 c: 



I drew gullacassii ‘s Cass once again shes so fun to draw and oh my goodness
(I have a feeling that her and Gulla like this whole collar and leash thing ehehehe)

Anyway, this was drawn on Colors 3D ahah!

AW DANG this is so cute wtf this is on colors 3d? hell yea thank you i love it <3 <3 

Lisa Frank fanart of her character Hunter!

Lisa Frank fanart of her character Hunter!

How did you get so good with Colors 3D?

idk practice? I don’t really think I’m that good at it but I think it makes it a lot easier if you have a 3DS XL. Before I upgraded I couldn’t draw on it at all… 

some pics i drew on colors 3d on my 3ds lmao 


I've been using a smudge guard for 3 years or so and I've grown so fond of it I have a little panic if I can't find it. It's really good on paper, and gives a very uniform experience when drawing on a tablet as well, irrespective of how sweaty your hand may or may not be. That said, you could probably get the same effect by just cutting off some fingers from simple cotton gloves.

Tru yeah pretty much. Altho I wouldn’t want to do it with a cotton glove at all myself because it would probably make my fingers all hot and uncomfortable. the smudge guards are made out of spandex/nylon seems to work perfectly. 

smudge guard

I just wanted to show everybody this. I don’t know if everybody already knows about SmudgeGuard, but I’ve been using one for at least a year now with my digital art. I use it so my tablet doesn’t get all greasy & it reduces friction so my hand can move freely without getting sweaty/stuck to the tablet etc. It’s for traditional art/writing as well etc. i MOSTLY got it just so my tablet wouldn’t get really nasty from drawing on it all the time. I just really recommend Smart Guard if you think it would be helpful to you, ever since i got one I haven’t done any digital art without it. imageand here’s a video of another artist talking about it that is better with words than i am. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=otnzYYpPrUc


Not saying that everybody NEEDS these, just wanted to share. They’re a nice little tool. 

edit: oh yeah more than obvious maybe, but they’re for both hands either way. im left handed so yeah 

"Welcome to Freddy Fazbear&#8217;s Pizza. A magical place for kids and grown-ups alike, where fantasy and fun come to life"~ (✖╭╮✖)

"Welcome to Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza. A magical place for kids and grown-ups alike, where fantasy and fun come to life"~ (✖╭╮✖)

I made a reference sheet for Gulla.♡★ 

I made a reference sheet for Gulla. 

Multistreamin’ with SCIFIJACKRABBIT!!!
Working on my FNAF pixel gif and stuff. And whatever else. 

pixel commissions for xenovia@dA and razz@FA

What tablet do you use?

I have a monoprice 10x6.25 tablet! It’s only 50$ and I’ve been using it for over a year it’s really great I recommend it to anyone who is looking for a tablet but isn’t tryna spend a bunch of money.
 I also like monoprice because like everything on that site is cheap I have a ton of pen nibs and two pens cause they cost like nothing. (The shipping can be high though sometimes.) 

commission for Collieh@dA~

commission for Collieh@dA~

Pixel commissions for Eternal-Glow and Cinderbutt @dA !!